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About Native American style flutes in the key of G

Native American style flutes in the key of G have a mellow,
soothing voice. This is our most popular key of flute because it has a low
voice, but it is small enough that most people can easily play it. G is a great
key for a beginner flute player.

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Polar fleece carrying case for a Native American style flute A Native American style flute in the key of G, made from Western Red Cedar. A stellar Native American style Drone or double flute made out of western red cedar.
Carrying Case
Our Price: $19.95

#3719 Western Red Cedar G
Our Price: $185.00

Don’t forget to protect your flute! Our carrying cases are
hand made out of black polar fleece with a nylon shoulder strap and cinch  closure.  If you are buying this case for a flute you already have, please note what key your flute is in the comment section of your order so we will know what size you need. If you are buying a case for a flute made by a diffrent flute maker, please let us know what legnth your flute is.

They are great for carrying
and protecting your flute!

This dark western red cedar flute has a smooth and haunting voice. Click to hear this flute being played!

This Drone flute is made out of western red cedar with a contrasting wood spline running down the center. It has two blow holes so you can play it as a single or a double flute. Our Drone flutes feature an optional hole on the drone side that you can choose to leave open, plug with the included cork, or play as I do in the video. This is not a good choice for a beginner. Drone flutes take a little more air and are wider across. The hole spacing is the same as our Basic G flute