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About Stellar Basic Flutes
Our Basic Native American style flutes are a wonderful place to start if you are a beginner flute player. Their simple design makes them more affordable then our Premiere flutes, but they have the same concert quality voice.

They come in three keys which are all suitable for first time flute players, the key of A, the key of G and the key of F#. The key of A is the smallest highest pitched of the three keys, the F# is the largest and lowest. If you have small or inflexable hands, or if you are looking for a flute for a child, the key of A is a wonderful choice. Otherwise, most people can comfortable play all three keys with a little practice. Click on the links to the diffrent keys below to watch videos of each being played!

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Gift Ceritifcate A cedar Native American style flute in the key of G A cedar native american style flute in the key of A
Basic Flute key of G
Our Price: $95.00

Basic Flute key of A
Our Price: $95.00

Now you can give the gift of music to your loved one or friend and let them choose their own flute or flute making kit! This is a great key for beginners. It is small enough that most people can easily hold it and reach all of the fingering holes. This is our most popular key. Our Basic flute in the key of A is the smallest and highest pitched of all our Basics. It has a sweet and cheerful voice. The small size of this flute makes it an ideal choice for a child or someone with small or arthritic hands.
A cedar Native American style flute in the key of F#
Basic Flute Key of F#
Our Price: $100.00

This is the lowest pitched and largest of all of our Basic flutes. It is a wonderful choice for flute players of any skill level.