Premiere Flutes

What is a Premiere Flute?

Our Premiere line of Native American style flutes are tuned to the pentatonic minor scale and made out of a number of high quality, hard and soft woods . They feature our decorative signature “Stellar” block and come in a wide variety of keys.

What is the difference between a Premiere and a Basic Flute?

Our Premiere flutes have a colorful cotton wrapping, feature an elegant bird shaped block, and come in a variety of hard and soft woods, as well as a wide selection of keys. Our Basic flutes are only made in three keys and are all made out of western red cedar. They are also less decorative.

Is a Premiere Flute right for me?

If you are looking for a beautiful and unique flute, or a flute in a key that we don’t offer our Basic line of flutes in, then a Premiere is right for you. All of our Premiere flutes are one of a kind and are perfect for people who want a flute made of an interesting piece of wood.

Do you have sound samples of your flutes?

Yes we do!There are videos of each Premiere being played on each item page as pictured o the left.